Duty Drawback

Kennard & Associates has obtained over $9 million in drawback payments on behalf of our clients.

Duty drawback allows up to 99% of duty paid on import to be refunded upon exportation of the imported items. Drawback can be claimed for articles exported up to three years prior to filing the drawback claim. Additionally, drawback can be utilized in accordance with other cost-saving techniques such as implementation of foreign Trade Zone or Bonded Warehouse.

But applying for duty drawback is not for the novice. Despite the many benefits to duty drawback, the filing process is complicated, requiring an intricate knowledge of customs law and regulations.

Do you have drawback potential?

Simply contact us and we'll be happy to review potential drawback opportunity and a cost benefit analysis.

Why use Kennard & Associates for Duty Drawback?

We make the drawback process simple, compliant, and cost-effective. From determining whether there is drawback potential to monitoring payments and liquidation, our decades of experience will make your drawback filing as straightforward as possible.

Interested in training an employee to be your company's duty drawback expert? Learn about our in-house duty drawback training programs.