Customs Compliance

Why use Kennard & Associates? Simply stated: common sense consulting.

Don't let the compliance tail wag the business dog. We have experience working directly with importers to create compliance procedures that don't disrupt your business. We know how to take your existing business practices and modify them for compliance purposes.

Are you Using Reasonable Care?

It's the importer's responsibility to comply with all U.S. Customs Regulations. This requires either direct knowledge of these laws and regulations, or consulting an expert for assistance. Using a consultant such as Kennard & Associates ensures that you're covered.

What are the Benefits of Customs Compliance?

On the outset, customs compliance seems complicated and cumbersome. But there are benefits to your company. Not only will a compliance review help avoid costly penalties, but it provides an opportunity to ensure that you are not overpaying duty due to incorrect tariff classification or incorrect valuation of imported goods.

A customs compliance review often reveals opportunities to reduce duty cost by utilizing special tariff provisions, duty drawback, or implementation of a Foreign Trade Zone.

What do I do if I receive a Request for Information (CBP Form 28)?

We can help! It's important to take care when responding to a Request for Information. Customs have used answers to Requests for Information to initiate Focused Assessments and/or audits. Call us to discuss the appropriate strategy for response.

What do I do if I receive notice of a pending Focused Assessment (FA)?

Contact us! We can minimize the impact of an FA or audit. From examining existing procedures to an internal assessment to determine if violations exist before Customs arrives to use all the allowable methods to minimize or avoid penalties. We can help!