Customs Services

We focus our customs services on several areas within the customs and international trade regulatory environment: duty drawback, customs compliance, and vessel repair entries.

Duty Drawback

Duty drawback is the process of obtaining refunds of duty paid on imported goods that are subsequently exported or used in a manufacturing process that results in exported products. This service area includes everything from determining whether drawback opportunity exists, filing the necessary applications/ruling requests with Customs, preparing the actual drawback entries and responding to Customs requests for additional information.

Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance and refers to complying with Customs' classification, valuation, marking, record keeping and reasonable care standards. This includes everything from helping importers classify or value their products, responding to Customs requests for information or notices of audit, to creating entire compliance procedures.

Vessel Repair Entries

We can also help with filing vessel repair entries with Customs on behalf of U.S. Flag vessel operators as well as any applicable application for relief from vessel repair duties. This includes pre-repair consultations to assess potential vessel repair duties for budgeting purposes as well as defining the types of documents required and dutiable status of various types of repairs.

In-House Training

Depending on the size, complexity and staffing of the company, many of the functions discussed on this website can be more cost effectively performed in-house. Our last service area revolves around training company personnel what they need to know to efficiently perform the various customs related tasks.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We're happy to discuss your particular circumstances and help you meet your goals.