We'll help you navigate safely through the waters of international customs regulatory requirements

Kennard & Associates LLC assists importers, exporters, and vessel owner/operators with the maze of regulatory requirements that can increase the cost of international trade or stop shipments at the border. We focus on three primary areas:

Duty Drawback

We work to make our client's entire drawback program as effortless and non-intrusive as possible. We handle everything from validating drawback potential, filing requests with Customs, validating import/export data, filing drawback entries, and post entry assistance.

Compliance Consulting

Failure to comply with Customs Regulations can result in significant penalties. But compliance with these regulations can, if not viewed with an experienced eye, create additional administrative cost. Our approach is based upon 'common sense' compliance, which means implementing procedures that take advantage of existing business procedures and not adding another layer of overhead to your business. As part of any compliance review, we also look for cost saving opportunities such as tariff classification, valuation, bonded warehouse operations, Foreign Trade Zones, etc.

Vessel Repair Entries

As any operator of a U.S. Flag commercial vessels knows, the U.S. Customs requirements for declaring and reporting foreign repairs is confusing and expensive. With a potential duty rate of 50% of the cost of the repairs, failure to take advantage of all available methods of duty remission can be a costly mistake. We understand the potential basis of remission of vessel repair duties and the documentation required to best support such claims.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your international trade issues and potential solutions to your problems.